Age Spots & Sun Discolouration

Slow down the signs of ageing

Age spots and sun discolouration are common skin conditions. Although the spots are harmless many people prefer to have them removed for cosmetic reasons.

What are age spots?

Age spots or sun spots are flat, brown discolourations of the skin. These spots are common for those over 40, and are often found on the hands, neck and face.

Sun spots are similar to freckles in the sense that they are the result of excess melanin production. Usually sun spots are caused by too much sun exposure without adequate skin protection. Generally these spots are harmless and are usually treated for cosmetic reasons. If the spots change in colour, size or become raised and crusty it is recommended that you have them medically assessed.


Lasers can target a range of skin imperfections by using several different wavelengths of laser energy to remove sun spots. This form of treatment is quick and painless, with the patient not needing any anaesthetic or injections.

The laser treatments are a long term treatment, with sun spots very rarely returning and thanks to the type of laser energy, any risks of scarring are minor.

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