Cold Sores;

Treat Embarrassing Ulcers and Cold Sores

Lasers can effectively remove ulcers and cold sores with minimal discomfort and no scarring.

What are Aphthae or Canker Scores?

Aphthae, otherwise known as canker sores, are circular shaped ulcers that are commonly found under the tongue or inside the lips. The most common causes are viral infections, stress, food allergies and cuts in the mouth that become infection. It is estimated that somewhere between 30-60% of the population are affected by canker sores.

What are Herpes Cold Sores?

Cold sores are commonly caused by the herpes simplex virus. These painful blisters and sores can appear anywhere on the body but are mainly found around the mouth and genital regions.

The herpes virus will remain dormant amongst nerve clusters until it becomes active – usually during periods of stress and sickness when the immune system isn’t functioning at full capacity. When the virus becomes active it triggers these painful cold sores, which usually will last about 10 days if left untreated. Often people will sense an outbreak about to start when the virus is in the prodromal stage – creating a tingling sensation.


Clinical research has found that certain lasers are highly effective at treating aphthae and the herpes simplex virus. Patients treated with the laser see immediate pain relief, accelerated healing and reduced outbreaks in the future. Laser treatments will normally require 2-4 applications of laser energy to see the desired results.

For treating Herpes Simplex Virus 1 – if the laser treatment is done during the prodromal stage before the cold sores break out, then nearly all patients will heal within the first 48 hours. If laser treatment is done after the sores have already blistered or crusted, more than 90% of patients see the cold sores healed within 48 hours of treatment. For the remaining 10% of cases, the cold sores are healed within 4 days.

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