Freckles & Pigmented Lesions

Living with cosmetic lesions

Cosmetic lesions like freckles are found in a huge portion of the population. In most cases freckles are caused by sun exposure and are harmless. Some people prefer to have their freckles removed for cosmetic reasons.

What causes freckles?

Human skin reacts to UV light, producing the pigment melanin which darkens the skin, commonly known as tanning. Usually melanin is evenly distributed through the skin, but sometimes the melanin can clump together creating what we call freckles.

Freckles are more common in people with pale complexions, and will darken and increase in frequency during summer when sun exposure is higher. This can trigger confusion between harmless freckles and dangerous conditions like melanoma which are often characterised by dark spots. It is important to have regular skin checks from a specialist if you have concerns about any of your skin spots.


Modern laser technology developed by Fotona offers a highly effective and safe way to remove freckles and improve your skin complexion.

Lasers can now be used to remove harmless pigmented lesions like freckles by breaking up the melanin clumps in the skin. By using targeted wavelengths of laser energy, the laser can leave normal, healthy cells alone and focus only on the areas with excess melanin.

This means it is possible to remove the pigments without damaging the normal skin cells, a feature that is also useful for tattoo removal.

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