Root Canal Treatment

Repair & Heal Infected Teeth

When you have significant tooth pain, you may have an infected root canal that needs to be addressed quickly to save the tooth.

What is a Root Canal treatment?

A tooth is made up of three basic structures and two parts. The structures are the enamel – the tooth’s hard outer surface, dentine – a dense tissue that makes up most of the tooth, and the pulp – the tooth’s soft interior which contains the blood vessels and nerves.

The two parts of the tooth are the crown – the part of the tooth above the gum, and the root – the part of the tooth below the gum.

When a deep crack, or cavity in your tooth is left untreated it allows bacteria to enter into the tooth, getting through the enamel and dentin into the pulp. The bacteria causes an infection, leading to severe pain and may cause an abscess to develop. An untreated abscessed tooth will allow the infection to spread into the bone, eventually causing the tooth to die and fall out.

A root canal or endodontic treatment involves treating the infection in the tooth pulp to remove the infection and allow the tooth to remain in the mouth.


Modern root canal treatments use lasers to treat the infected tooth. Using a laser overcomes two major disadvantages of traditional root canal methods: 1. The inability to clean out complex root canal systems and 2. The inability to deeply disinfect the dentin walls of the tooth.

Traditional root canals use a mechanical file to scrape out the infected tissue and then follow up with a chemical or antibiotic solution to kill any remaining bacteria. Because root canal systems are like the complex root system of a tree, often these methods will fail to reach all of the infection hidden away in micro-canals.

Fotona’s Twinlight™ laser root canal treatment uses two wavelengths to eliminate infection from the tooth. The first step of the treatment sends pulses of laser energy to debride and clean out the canal systems. The second step uses the another type of laser energy to vaporise and kill any remaining bacteria hiding in the root canal system.

By eliminating the infection, laser root canal treatments can offer faster treatment, requiring less visits to the dentist, with lower chances of reinfection in the future.

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