Teeth Whitening

Bright & Confident Smiles

A smile with white, bright teeth has been associated with attractiveness, confidence and well-being throughout the ages.

Caring For Your Teeth

Humans have cared for their teeth since before the days of the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians were credited the first use of toothpaste – a mix of pumice and vinegar while the Romans believed that urine could be used to keep their teeth healthy and white.

Throughout the industrial revolution barbers began to care for their customer’s teeth – performing teeth whitening procedures. Barbers would file down the tooth surface and then apply the highly corrosive nitric acidic. This method was effective at whitening, however it was very painful and destroyed tooth enamel – causing the teeth to decay quicker.

In our modern society – the most common forms of teeth discolouration are caused by stains from foods like coffee, tea, soft drinks, red wine and also from cigarette smoking. There are also certain types of medication that can cause significant tooth discolouration.

Laser teeth whitening treatments have now been developed to help remove these stains and discolourations.


The modern dentist can use lasers to remove stains from teeth to create brilliant white smiles.

Fotona has developed the patented TouchWhite™ Teeth Whitening for safe, fast and comfortable teeth whitening. TouchWhite™ uses a special type of laser with medical grade hydrogen peroxide gel only available to dentists.

The gel contains a dye that absorbs the laser energy, this increases the chemical reaction to speed up the teeth whitening effect. This means you can walk out of the dentist with a significantly whiter smile in less than an hour.

The unique laser energy of the TouchWhite™ treatment also does not penetrate the tooth pulp – a common cause of sensitive teeth caused by other laser teeth whitening methods.

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